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3.5. Exercise - Project Wikis

Wikis are meant to be community spaces where everyone can join in. They grown and are made better through community participation. For this exercise, we're going to encourage you to check out the wikis of three established open source projects. These might be projects you looked at in the previous chapter:
  1. What wiki software are they using?
  2. Search in the wiki for the history and current structure of the project. Is it in the wiki, or is it somewhere else in their project?
  3. When the last change was made, who made it, and how often are changes submitted. Would you describe this wiki as "thriving" or "languishing"?
Authoring and maintaining pages in a wiki (the latter sometimes being referred to as gardening) is a critical part of any FOSS project. If you're particularly interested in a project, register an account on the wiki and create a User Profile page. You'll want to link this back to your portfolio that you created in the previous chapter.